Why do employees prefer card holders & lanyards? In a corporate setup, one may encounter a lot of cards. There will be your personal cards like different ID cards, your bank and credit cards, membership cards, and many more. It is not to mention that there are also cards that came from your clients and business partners like calling cards which are very important to keep. Thus, a card holder is a good and practical corporate gift. Card holders and lanyards will make a perfect combination for a useful gift idea.


Card holders & Lanyards: The Go-To Corporate Gifts

Ever wonder why many companies are giving card holders & lanyards to their employees? The rationale is quite simple. Lanyards are useful gifts to give in a corporate gift giving event. They can serve as an additional uniform for your employees which will bear the logo and brand of the company. When your employees use the lanyards often, there is a good chance that your brand awareness campaign will succeed. While you can very well use it as a promotional gift, a lanyard can also be practical so that your employees will not need to find their own ID laces. On the other hand, card holders are also convenient in a sense that they provide an organized and accessible storage for important cards your employees possess. Card holders & lanyards make a perfect combination for a practical corporate gift idea.

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