Cotton Tote Bag is among the most common corporate gift ideas you will find in Singapore. There is an obvious reason why. People love to receive practical gifts. Most people, especially the working class, prefer functionality more than aesthetics. Employees would rather receive something that can be useful for their day by day endeavours. Moreover, canvas tote bags can be customised. Thus, you can put your brand on the bag through cotton tote bag printing and it can easily be used as a promotional gift! See our designs of cotton tote bags below to find where your business logo would likely look good.

Quality Bags and Pouches from Sagana

Cotton Tote Bags are among the best budget corporate gifts in Singapore. Aside from being decent (not too cheap and not too pricey), they are also very functional. Canvas tote bags can be used to carry items such as a laptop, folders of important documents, office supplies, and other items small or large. It is also convenient that the bag itself is not that heavy compared to other types of bags. Thus, your employees wouldn’t find the extra weight frustrating.

We also customised the tote bags for your brand, logo, or just your plain message for your employees. With a huge canvas to print your logo or message, our cotton tote bag will surely make your brand remarkable for your business partners. We offer high quality cotton tote bag printing service that will surely help promote your brand. Aside from quality and durable tote bags, we also offer corporate uniform printing as well as t-shirt printing. With our long-lasting prints, you can effectively promote your business through your uniforms, giveaways, and corporate gifts!