About Us

Your employees are the best assets of your company. Their hardwork and dedications are worth more than their regular paychecks. It wouldn’t hurt to give your employees premium gifts from time to time. It will remind them how much you value their efforts and contributions. And when your employees feel appreciated, it won’t take long for productivity to ensue. This is why premium corporate gifts in Singapore are very nice way to build rapport in a workplace.

When it comes to premium gifts in Singapore, Sagana International can definitely help you out. We are recognized and trusted door gift supplier in Singapore, specializing in personalized corporate gifts for various companies. With our excellent craftsmanship, we can make the ideal premium gifts to give your employees. We can help you show your appreciation and sincerity with the trusted and proven quality of our products for corporate gifting companies.

Quality workmanship with a personal touch is the trademark of Sagana International. We are among the best door gift supplier for corporate and retail businesses in Singapore. Corporate gifts are the life of Sagana, we provide the best door gift ideas that will surely send a goodwill to your employees and business partners.

Your Reliable Door Gifts Supplier in Singapore

Our Factory

Personalised corporate gifts are often bought in bulk. Whether you are running a small office or a huge corporation, you need quite a number of premium gifts when you want to give back to your employees. For this reason, a reliable door gifts supplier in Singapore must be able to accommodate bulk orders from different companies and deliver them in a timely manner. 

How does Sagana International make such thing possible?

Our own factory in China supports our production for personalised corporate gifts in Singapore. We also have a reliable outsourcing network to ensure the continuous smooth flow of our business. All these efforts are part of our initiative to provide quality premium corporate gifts for our clients anywhere in Singapore.

Our Goal

Your employees’ enthusiasm has a lot to do with the success of your company. Unlike machineries, your employees have feelings. Your employees’ disposition can make or break the success of your company. In short, you need to make sure that your employees are properly compensated and show that their hard works are being appreciated so they will have the motivation to continuously improve their works. Giving personalised corporate gifts is one way to show such appreciation.

Personalised corporate gifts have a different appeal compared to other gifts. The fact that they were crafted by hands and not by machines is enough proof to consider them as premium gifts. Everyone, including your employees, will be very much delighted to receive something with a personal touch. This is Sagana International’s goal, to help you win the hearts of your employees by providing premium corporate gifts in Singapore.

Over the years, Sagana has extended our services to many major corporations across the globe. We are committed in providing better services to our clients to forge friendships and build a lasting relationship. Client satisfaction is our utmost goal.

Our Mission

In Sagana, we believe constantly reinventing ideas, providing quality material and quality workmanship, turning those ideas into a product to meets client ultimate goal and to deliver what is promised is what SERVICE is all about.

Rest assured that when you order premium corporate gifts in Sagana International, you are making a deal with a trusted and reliable door gifts supplier in Singapore. We will help you find the best personalised corporate gifts for your employees and deliver them to you with utmost punctuality.